Monday, July 23, 2012


  Although I have a separate entrance to both the driveway and the back yard it is difficult for me to come and go easily because of the tree currently growing beside my steps. I have no idea how long it has grown there but I do know that the upstairs tenants cut the top off a while back as it was growing up through their landing. When I asked the landlady about it naturally she was eager to tell the story.
  Apparently prior to my moving in, this entrance was seldom used. The landlady's late husband would go into the garden, from time to time, as would the upstairs tenants . The garden was so overgrown that the tenants could only use a small section to plant some herbs in the summer and I guess we really never knew what the late husband did back there.
  According to my landlady, after her husband passed away she found out that the upstairs tenants cut off the top tier of the tree in question with the permission of the late husband. By the time my landlady discovered what had happened she was not happy to say the least.  First she didn't believe her late husband had agreed to the trimming. Then she didn't believe the upstairs tenants husband had done the trimming without notifying her. She really likes this guy and got it in her head that his wife (who she hates) had put him up to it. She was convinced that he was nagged by his wife so much that he finally gave in and cut the top off. She would not believe he would have, overstepped his bounds, (her words) on his own unless he was brow beaten into submission by his wife.
  My guess is she would have never noticed it at all until I rented my rooms and actually used that  entrance to come and go. The problem now is that even though the top is cut off and no longer growing into the upstairs landing, the branches are growing and widening and keep slapping me in the face every time I try to go into the back yard. The one thing I know for sure is I will not be the one to tell her they need to be trimmed. First I would have to listen to the whole story again (in more detail) and the poor upstairs tenant's wife would be on her hate list again.
  I did however, Goggle how to kill a tree, and found out that putting salt down into its roots will eventually kill it . If I do it right, she'll never know...SHHHHHH.

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  1. Oh, dear, it doesn't sound like she'd take well to your telling her that the branches are in your way! :(