Monday, April 16, 2012

The Advantages of a MUDROOM

garbage mudroom crazy landlady  I, like most people have always believed that a mudroom is used for boots, coats and misc articles used during the winter months and rainy seasons. Sometimes people will also use it to store some bulky items or garden supplies. This past winter my knowledge of mudroom uses expanded to include using it in as a refrigerator. It seems my crazy landlady stores leftover food out in her mudroom when there isn't room in her fridge. I know...crazy, but true. She also uses it after grocery shopping to put the meat she purchased, when she is too lazy to take it to the basement, where her freezer is located. The fridge freezer is already over flowing with God knows what.  If she buys meats in family pack sizes and wants to rewrap into smaller portions she will also keep the meat in the mudroom until she gets around to rewrapping, which could be a few days.
  The icing on the cake was when she made turkey soup from the leftovers at Christmas. The pot of soup sat on the stove for a day and a half and then was moved to the mudroom. It sat there in the original pot on the floor of the mudroom for a few days before it mysteriously disappeared. Needless to say I declined any offers for turkey soup for weeks after.  Check in again soon for more creative ways my crazy landlady uses the mudroom.


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  1. I dream of a house with a mudroom...because without one every room is muddy!